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By Tony G. Williams

This publication may also help ''turn at the light'' as each one exercise routine is designed to interact scholars' exploration of algebra as they whole each one thought-provoking, skill-building job. each one exercise routine is well reproducible and contains a solution key or mini-lesson that demonstrates easy methods to remedy each one challenge. 14 functional educating suggestions are incorporated.

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Y= 3 x-2 4 slope m = 3 and y-intercept b = -2 4 y + 1 x = 3 or y = - 1 x + 3 2 2 slope m = - 1 and y-intercept b = 3 2 56 TLC10559 Copyright © Teaching & Learning Company, Carthage, IL 62321-0010 Unit 5 System of Equations Workout Tricks of the Trade #49 At first glance, it might not be obvious that the easiest way to solve the system below is to use the addition/subtraction method. However, if you multiply one of the equations by a certain number it will allow you to use the addition/subtraction method to cancel out a variable.

___ 6. ___ 7. ___ 8. ___ 9. ___ 10. a. b. c. d. e. BFF LOL AFK HTH G2G YT? IDK W/E BRB WU #33 a. What’s Up? b. You There? c. Away From Keyboard d. Whatever e. I Don’t Know f. Best Friends Forever g. Here To Help h. Be Right Back i. Got to Go j. Laugh Out Loud Algebra is cool. ____________ Doing homework. ____________ Have you solved problem #23? ____________ When is our next algebra test? ____________ Can’t talk now, because I’m doing algebra homework. ____________ Unit 3 Games, Fun and Mystery Levitators Workout Today’s workout is a mysterious exercise that will astound the entire class.

3 1. 1; 2. 5 3. ( 4 0 - (-4) = 5 3 - (-2) The answers are: 1 x + 2 (Given) 3 b. m = 2, b = -4; y = 2x - 4 -2 -2 c. m = , b = -6; y = -6 3 3x D d. m = 0, b = 6; y = 6 Note: Horizontal lines have slopes of 0 (zero) and the equations are written with one variable (“y”), while vertical lines have no slopes and the equations are written with one variable (“x”). For example, the graph of the equation “x = 2” is a vertical line crossing 2 on the x-axis. 46 TLC10559 Copyright © Teaching & Learning Company, Carthage, IL 62321-0010 Unit 4 Linear Equations Workout Give Me an “m”!

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