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Close the drawer. To show the box full push the drawer from the other end. This moves both pieces of the drawer and the matches make their appearance. The Self-propelled Ball. Effect: A ball rolls across the table until you tell it to stop. Secret: Under the table cloth is a small ring attached to a length of strong thread. The thread runs across the table to where your secret assistant is sitting. A small ball is placed on the table. It must go into the concealed ring. On your word of command your assistant pulls on the thread and the ball moves.

Crafty Catch Effect: Two pre-determined cards are caught in mid-air. Secret: Secretly place the Seven of Clubs on the bottom of the pack and the Nine of Spades on the top. When you do the trick, remove the Seven of Spades and the Nine of Clubs from the pack. Show them briefly and push them into the pack. Throw the pack in the air but keep tight hold of the top and bottom cards. Pretend you have caught the two you now hold. Show them triumphantly and everyone will believe they are the two cards you placed in the centre of the pack earlier.

The straw is cut in two but the string remains unharmed. Secret: Secretly cut a short slit in the straw. Thread the string through the straw. Bend the straw in half and pull both ends of the string. This forces the string through the slit in the straw. Your hand hides this from the audience. Cut through the straw, as shown by the dotted line in the drawing. Now pull the string from your hand. The straw is in two pieces but the string is still whole. Multiplying Money Effect: Three coins increase to six in your hand.

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