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And any + u(R)k(R) € A with that Then cS ca(l/c ~ cT. S REDUCTION = For a crossed product 0 ~ a = u(S)k(S) S ~ T € G(K/F>, . ) ARGUMENT. u(S)k(S) + u(T)k(T)c T + u(T)k(T) there is a S Ic +... u(R)k(R)c +... C € K R such S Ic ; \ and rearrangement of terms shows that I a(S,S-l)-la(l,l)-l If B = a(S-l,S)-S(-l)a(l,~)-S(-l). is defined as the element B= -1 -1 -1 -1 u(S )a(S,S ) a(l,l) 0 ~ a-ca(l/cS) Note that = u(T)k(T) (l-cT IcS)+.. +u(R)k(R) (l-cR/cS). 1 - cT/cS ~ O. In the lemma below, the hypothesis that F c K is a normal separable extension which is assumed throughout this section is actually not needed.

Applies. Since If subfield b2 ~ a, a2 = a, aa ~ a. / f'~. '. G(K/F) m. of order F ~ N . la. If F K c The previous proposition is not true for all m. 9 is taken as m = p. ) then = K, polynomial III-loll. NOTATION. Suppose that normal, separable extension field of As before G(K/F) F F. Ii: F[x] m of degree m. 44, h(x) K is that 6 Ii:K satisfying has minimal the fOllowing. Ii: rEx], denotes the group of all automorphisms of elementwise fixed. 12). 7 seem to be the most that can be said. 13 Kover An alternative and completely equivalent .

First that one of By the previous Yn = 0 n-l, By induction for Kl"" t- {oJ. n. Without loss of generality it may be assumed for left D @ K-module. 6. is not a faithful with 0 t- p € D @ K - independent, all xi t-0, and p is of minimal length m. -1 . ( -1 Slnce 0 t- xl @ l)p, and also «xl @ l)p)[D] = 0, wlthout loss of generality assume that Xl = 1 € center D = F. Consequently, for any a € D, the length of j = 1,... ,n. J -1 PROOF. ] Suppose arbitrary, that is yj, 79 - - F is of arbitrary characteristic.

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