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By Wang Fangzi and Nebojsa Tomasevic

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Modelled on artefacts of the same thin, they are usually type and little pottery, stone, bone, shells, etc. This period therefore marks the beginning of the Bronze Age. In the of Wangchenggang, in the station Dengfeng, Henan province, at the southern end of the mountains of Shongshan, the existence of discovered which some experts believe of a Xia building. In recent years, clues for research. vered here is A been a castle has may be a remnant has provided further it fragment of a bronze vessel disco- thought to be the oldest ever found on the central plains, but form its is difficult to identify.

These last two dedications were more frequent and they testify to the developments taking place sprites and made them, so that the people might Bronze craftsmen began to sign The virtue, those objects. All the objects bears, tigers) to be slain in a single day. This activity appear. its the distant regions sent objects in them. dur- elite on the development of a bronze industry. The customers for these bronzes were tremendous huntsmen and it was not distinguished for know the Thus evil things. the people, when they went among the rivers, marshes, hills and forests did not meet with the injurious things and the hill-sprites; monstruous things and water-sprites did not meet with them [to do them in the ideas of filial piety and also the cult of the ancestors.

60 A gong vessel with a lid in the form of a giraffe's head, with a small dragon between the horns. The whole body decorated with phoenix motifs. ). ), with roof, a lid in the form of a palace on which is incised an inscription identifying it as one of the ceremonial vessels which Tianshi had made for his dead father 62 Kiji. hong with an inscription which celebrates the feats of arms, in particu- lar the liberation of 1 14 men captured by the enemy.

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